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Mahjong Connect
This is the world famous Mahjong Connect game we all know and love! The goal of this Mahjong game is to find pairs of tiles that can be connected with a line on the map. The connected pairs are then removed from the game. Try to clear the game board in as little time as possible ... We hope you will enjoy playing this Mahjong Connect Game!

Mahjong Connect 2
This is the classic version of the game Mahjong Connect 2 Free Online. This is a very fun game of Mahjong with nice graphics and music. In this free online Mahjong game there are some items that you can use to your advantage when you're stuck in the game and do not know what to play. Enjoy playing Connect 2 free online!

Mahjong Connect 3
Mahjong Connect 3 is another game of Mahjong with beautiful graphics and relaxing music. The aim of this game is to clear all the tiles from the game. In this game you can buy additional powers from the shop with the points you have earned in the earlier rounds in the game. If you like Mahjong Connect games, you should try Mahjong Connect 3!

Connect Mahjong
Another variant of the popular Mahjong Game free online. Play Chinese Mahjong in ancient China.
The object of this Mahjong game is to match identical Mahjong tiles to clear the game board. In this Mahjong game you must connect identical Mahjong stones with a direct route to remove them from the game . This Mahjong game has a zoom option. Have fun playing this free Classic Mahjong game.

Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong
The legendary Classic Dynasty Shanghai Mahjong solitaire game requires some serious mental abilities and skill. Ancient Classic Dynasty Mahjong Shanghai is a game in Connect style you will enjoy with it's relaxing music, graphics and many levels of difficulty. Mahjong Shanghai has two game modes, Shanghai Relax Mode and Shanghai Normal mode with time. At each level, you need to focus more on the solution. Have fun with Shanghai Dynasty!